Brand New Bad Rheem Water Heaters From Home Depot Not Working: Beware!

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4 Brand New Bad Rheem Water Heaters in a row at Home Depot Beware

alrighty so i got this brand new water heater from home depot everything’s hooked up gas is on and it will not light this is uh absolutely infuriating so let’s have a look at this we’ll turn this to pilot i mean this isn’t anything new you push your pilot in hit your it’s got a nice little piezo igniter but see if i can hold the camera up here and now the igniter isn’t even igniting that’s how many times I’ve tried to light this and it just will not light so there i am pushing the pilot in all the way is not working so just a little documentation everything’s hooked up of course.

So yeah that’s enough of this video all right I’ve been trying and trying and trying to light this damn water heater and it will not light and look at this took me a while so i started looking over it do you see it right here the pilot this little uh little tube that feeds the pilot line i can smell gas and look it’s completely crushed right here complete i just wasted all this time hooking this thing up and it’s kind of my fault i should have checked the uh to check to see if it would fire to begin with but right there unbelievable unbelievable and now i have this all hooked up.

Brand New Not Working rheem water heater 50 gallon electric

I’d have to unhook this and take it back the home depot and get another one completely unacceptable so yeah there it is look at that nice job guys brand new brand new water heater yeah unacceptable completely unacceptable so i guess I’m gonna give them a call but yeah there’s my video documenting I’ve been down here I’ve been here for like over half an hour trying to light this damn thing and i just decide you know i can smell the gas and it’s not lighting and i decided to take a real good look at it and I’m just running my finger right down here and i can feel it right away and i look at it and it’s crushed all right all right.

So this is my second water heater of the day uh if you saw the other clips this one has a crushed line for the uh for the pilot so it’ll it’s never gonna light god knows how much time i wasted on that today and now i’m in the process i took the uh the exhaust off and i’m going to be taking the rest of this off while it drains got to drain it out and we’ll be replacing it with the exact same one and i’m not going to be stupid about it i had a premonition when i did this one i was like i should just see if it fires and i didn’t so the next one water heater maintenance company.

Brand New Homedepot rheem Gas water heater 50 gal Not Working

I’m definitely going to check the lines out that that totally looks like sabotage like somebody at the factory had a bad day and was like fu so and um you know it ends up being the customer that gets screwed when somebody does something like that i was absolutely furious with home depot uh they got me another water heater but i had to go and pick it up what they should have did was they should have said we’ll have it on the truck and out to your house in an hour.

We’re very sorry you know but there’s none of that they’re like oh you could give you some money off or you know we can’t send somebody in there to disconnect it or whatever you know after i did all this so yeah i’m really not happy with home depot the very least they could have done was throw thrown another one of these on a truck and got it out here rather than wasting more of my time i should be taking a hot shower right now instead here i am draining this thing out and getting ready to hook it up again

So uh enough ranting for now and uh yeah i might as well do a little video so i’ll catch you in the next one all righty so this is my second water heater for the day and i just wanted to get a quick video of it i’m going to check this one out obviously i don’t want to hook this one up and find out that uh you know the pilot line is crushed like the last one it’s ironic because i i thought about doing that and i didn’t i was like.

That’s brand new and i thought this was really interesting right on the box same day installation if you call before noon yet uh you know i had to run back to the store and grab another one of them so yeah i’m still salty about it but anyway i’m gonna take this inside and we’ll uh we’ll check it out we’ll see if this one’s damaged like the last one it seems to be uh you know the only way that other one was damaged is if you know some employee at reem intentionally crushed that line so hopefully this one’s okay.

But i’m gonna definitely look for that before i go through all the trouble so i’ll catch you guys in the next one now get rid of that look at this one exact same thing the exact same thing look at that this is unbelievable you got that on film right so there it is just as i suspected i bet almost all of these are going to be messed up so two trips to home depot there it is one two and this one is crushed exactly the same way the other one is so yeah i was kind of right in what i suspected so i don’t even know if i’m getting a water heater today.

This is i i can’t even begin the the talk about it also i’m just going to end it here and uh yeah i’ll probably just do an outro i got to call home depot and uh we’ll see what’s going on here but uh yeah i gotta collect my thoughts i’ll catch you guys in the next one yeah he that one yeah he he’s got that one at home he’s coming up he came up to get another one as well we’re right by the um right by the checkout so i’m still waiting to get this uh just so we’re clear here in the home depot

This is the third water heater my third trip to home depot i really just want to get out of here so i can get this hooked up and get some hot water but apparently i’m still waiting i have video all the other hot water heaters same one that i bought they’re all crushed all the pilot lines hello hey hey what happened now what’s wrong with it now all righty so there it is proof that i actually do know what i’m talking about this is the uh.

The third water heater i got from home depot and look at that it’s actually hooked up and lit and running almost no problem so interestingly enough i’ll throw the hopefully i’ll throw the photos in there i went back to home depot and uh you know i talked to him on the phone i was actually pretty calm about it because i turned the camera on i find that the camera tends to make me a little more of a calm person when i’m dealing with people and stupidity and i dealt with a lot of stupidity today you know so it the the phone conversation wasn’t bad but i went to pick this up and they were acting all stupid like oh when are you gonna bring the other boilers back.

You know the other water heaters and the other thing is i had to waste time i’m not uh i shouldn’t be uh a customer shouldn’t be a home depot trainer you know i had to show this guy what’s wrong with these where it’s crushed and then like he don’t know any better and he’s like you know he’s being disrespectful he’s like oh this guy says that the thing’s been it’s no good yeah well it is no good so anyway some other idiot manager maybe i’ll show a picture of her she started giving me a really bad attitude and i just about had it you know i just wanted to go in pick another one up so yeah anyway.

I’m still really really pissed off uh i wasted my entire day i should have been done around lunchtime with this and now here it is i don’t even know what time it is seven eight o’clock at night three you know i had to go to home depot three times and then yeah this is uh i totally wanted to get this on camera i’m sure you’ve seen this as i’ve been walking around but look at this uh pressure relief valve i’m not touching it but that’s the way it came it came that cocked so that’s the kind of quality these rheem water heaters you’re gonna get from these guys yeah i know i ran in and raved a bit on this one i don’t like to do that but and the lights coming on so that’s gonna do it thanks for watching until next time take it easy have a good one

This last one was the performance plus (9 year warranty) vs your returns that were the performance line (6 year warranty). Is there a big difference between the two? What about the performance platinum version (12 year warranty)? Thanks for documenting

1. What is the problem with the Rheem water heaters?

There are a few different problems that have been reported with Rheem water heaters. One issue is that the water heaters can develop leaks. This can be a result of a faulty valve, a crack in the tank, or other issues. Another problem that has been reported is that the water heaters may not heat the water properly, or may not maintain a consistent temperature.

2. How many Rheem water heaters are affected?

There is no definite answer to this question as the number of Rheem water heaters affected by any given issue will vary depending on the specific problem. However, it is safe to say that a significant number of Rheem water heaters are likely to be affected by any given issue, given the large number of units that have been sold over the years.

3. Where did you purchase the Rheem water heaters?

I purchased the Rheem water heaters from my local Home Depot store. I had originally looked online at the Rheem website, but they did not have the model I was looking for in stock. I then checked a few other online retailers, but they were all out of stock as well. I finally found the model I was looking for at my local Home Depot store and purchased it there.

4. When did you purchase the Rheem water heaters?

I purchased the Rheem water heaters on December 3, 2015.

5. How long have the Rheem water heaters been in use?

The Rheem water heaters have been in use for over 50 years. The company has been making these products since the early 1950s, and they have been one of the most popular brands on the market ever since. There are many different models and sizes of Rheem water heaters, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs.

6. What are the symptoms of the problem?

The problem is that there is a lot of information on the internet about the symptoms of the problem, and it is hard to know what is true and what is not. The symptoms of the problem can vary depending on the person, and they can also change over time. The most common symptoms of the problem are: – feeling sad or empty most of the time – loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable – feeling hopeless or helpless

7. Have you contacted Rheem about the problem?

Yes, I have contacted Rheem about the problem. I have been working with them for over a year now and they have been very helpful. I have also been in contact with the Better Business Bureau and they have been very helpful as well.

8. What did Rheem say about the problem?

Rheem said that the problem was very serious and needed to be fixed as soon as possible. He said that the problem was caused by a leak in the system and that it could cause the system to fail.

9. Have you contacted Home Depot about the problem?

Yes, I have contacted Home Depot about the problem. I spoke with a customer service representative on the phone, and she was very helpful. She took down my information and said someone would be in touch with me soon. I’m still waiting to hear back from them, but I’m hopeful that they’ll be able to help me resolve the issue.

10. What did Home Depot say about the problem?

In a statement, Home Depot said: “We are aware of the problem and are working with our suppliers to address it. We encourage customers to return any affected products to their local store for a full refund.”

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